The headline might seem an odd title for an article promoting our wedding services, but read on and I promise you it will all make sense.
phoenixweddingvideosCollectively as a business, we have been reviewing everything we do, and the general conscious was a need to make ourselves more accessible. Our team really wants to work with you and to make sure that happens, we are making key changes in the coming months to make it easier for you to find what you need.
Phoenix Multimedia is a company that offers a multitude of services, but sometimes being a “kid in a candy shop” brings its own problems with crucial messages being lost to potential clients.
That’s why we have decided to develop our brand in a different way by creating separate strands to better promote what we do.
If you are getting married, we want to be invited to the party as your photographer or wedding videography, but does a corporate business website give off the right vibe?
Don’t get me wrong, we like our company website, but hand-on-hand, I accept that doesn’t give off the romantic look that a bride-to-be is seeking when shopping around for the type of wedding services we offer.
That’s why all of our wedding services are now being handled by a separate division of the company namely Phoenix Weddings and a similar approach will be adopted to other areas of the business in the near future.
Our strategy hasn’t got anything to do with ability, we know we will provide an unrivalled service and our existing customers can vouch for that, but when it comes to your wedding day, it was our realisation that we need to work harder to impress.
I’m sure you will agree our brand new website Phoenix Wedding Videos is a lot more appealing on the eye and easier to follow as you won’t get bogged down by services that aren’t relevant in this instance.
From a purely marketing point of view, we also believe the change will be beneficial in terms of traffic to the website from brides-to-be seeking our wedding expertise.
Time will tell if we are correct, and I would certainly welcome your feedback on these discussion points.
I hope you appreciate this honest insight into the internal thinking of Phoenix Multimedia, and with a little luck you will now visit Phoenix Wedding Videos to book us for your Wedding videography/photography.
As always I thank you for your continued support of our business.

Kind Regards

Rob O’Neill
Managing Director
Phoenix Multimedia