Experienced Sports Shooters

Whatever the sport or subject, at Phoenix Multimedia we know how to produce a stunning and impactful video that will really connect with your audience.
We have an experienced crew who regularly provide content to national and international broadcasters for everything from Premier League Football to Test Match Cricket.
Much of our work involves filming press conferences from sports teams, although we have also been asked to shoot Squash and Cycling events and interviews for organisations including The Independent, Perform Group, Sheffield Wednesday, Sky Sports New Zealand, Al Jazeera, BBC and ITV.
Our experience isn’t limited to professional sport as we have demonstrated in the past by capturing big moments for teams playing grassroots football.
For four years, we filmed and edited footage on multiple cameras as well as providing full match commentary for a DVD release of the Sheffield & Hallamshire Football Association’s Senior Cup Final.
Whether live, as-live or pre-recorded, Phoenix Multimedia can be counted on to get the job done for your sports production needs, whether in Yorkshire or further afield.
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