Performing Arts and Academic Productions

Phoenix Multimedia are here to help whatever your needs.
You maybe looking to create a video to promote your school to potential future students, or require a DVD of a classroom observation to train staff.
A well-produced video can capture the ethos of your school or college, giving parents and students an engaging and informative insight into what sets your establishment apart from the rest, and could increase revenue streams.
There’s no doubt that a professional, well-edited video is the best way to convey all that’s great about a school.
Our videos are authentic & compelling. They capture the imagination of prospective students and parents. We can produce video for you destined for multiple platforms, be it web, DVD or CD.
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Safety comes first

Current safeguarding legislation puts pressure on schools to prevent parents from filming the annual nativity plays and school productions for fear of a child that shouldn’t be being filmed being caught on the tape or image.
We offer schools a safe and potentially profitable solution to this minefield as a fully CRB checked organisation.
Our team attend and film your production using top quality HD cameras before producing a professional DVD of the performance for the school to sell directly to parents.
Having a school play professionally filmed reduces the number of amateur film makers scrambling to cover the event, gives parents an opportunity to purchase a top quality copy of their child’s performance and can provide a valuable record for the school.
We work on a ‘price per copy’ basis which means the cost of filming the performance is included in the price you pay for the individual DVD. With a small increase in the price charged to parents, significant sums can be raised for school funds.
Your production will be filmed and edited using digital equipment for broadcast quality video and crystal clear sound and your DVD will include custom artwork to the DVD case and label.