At Phoenix Multimedia, we are passionate about producing web video content that delivers tangible results for our clients – whether that’s selling products or promoting services.
In today’s society we are bombarded with information, and the emphasis is on speed of access to this information. Statistics show that internet users only spend five to seven seconds on a website before deciding to stay, or look elsewhere.
People simply don’t want to read reams of text to find what they are looking for. Web videos are engaging and have instant impact, providing the perfect introduction to your products and services.
A website video production will keep a viewer on your website for longer, which in turn will boost your search engine optimisation (SEO).
When it comes to turning visitors into customers, web video is the proven answer.
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The numbers prove it…

Video content is great for a website’s SEO as it increasing “click-through” percentages and reducing “bounce rates”.
If that all sounds a bit technical then, basically, the longer a visitor stays on your website the better, as this may help secure a higher ranking in Google’s listings.
With 90% of all web traffic set to be video in 2013, now is the time to invest in quality corporate video production, to enhance your website and marketing campaigns.
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Green screen (or blue!)…

Filming will take place on-site unless otherwise agreed or alternatively you can take advantage of our green screen services.
Combined with live action footage or used in isolation, we can place a presenter or an object onto a location that would be too costly or unachievable under normal circumstances.
One option you may wish to consist is, the use a viewable narrator on your website, whether a trained professional or for the personal touch, a senior manager who can walk your customers through the site.
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Talking your language!…

And what’s more we can also promote your business idea in any language. Whether it’s French, German, Spanish, Italian or something else, we will have an affordable solution for you.
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