If you need a cost-effective video solution then THINK PHOENIX every time.
[youtube link=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=Av5NGFCekB4&feature=player_embedded”]We will create high quality content at an affordable price, whether it is to capture footage of life changing personal experiences or promotional material that can be benefit any business.
Online video is a vital tool for companies who need to engage with their audience and it’s a medium which is being used more and more as users go in search of engaging content on their MACs, PCs and Laptops.
All of our projects are tailored to match your exact requirements and the finished products will be presented in the format of your choosing, be it DVD, blu-ray or youtube.
We offer a comprehensive range of related video services, which are explained in detail in a number of sub-sections on this website directing you to the correct location whether it’s a wedding videographer you are seeking or crew for a school production.

Other Services

If you already have your own promotional film we can re-edit or add new shots to transfer the footage to the format you desire.
For example if you would like a family VHS video remastered on DVD, which can carry out this work for £95 + VAT.
Please bear in mind that more complex transitions will require additional production time which will be reflected by the final price.
More examples of our work can be found on our YouTube channel phoenixmpltd