Maybe you need assistance finding a location for your event but cannot spare the time to search or do not have local knowledge.
We have a number of contacts and expertise which can help you and your business grow or ensure that a great idea can be turned into a reality.
eventsDo you need someone to manage and organise your events?
Perhaps you are looking to stage an event but are not sure how to?
Alternatively you may need someone to drive a media campaign to promote your product or cause?
Securing planning permission, licenses, arranging catering for your gig and distributing flyers/newsletters and posters.
As you can see from our website, we have a number of skillsets which you can utilise to run strong campaigns.
We can offer guidance and support on a regular basis or assist you for a specific project or need.

It may be a case of dealing with telephone calls or messages on your behalf or sending out media release to project your business.



  • Booking after dinner speakers
  • Interview technique training
  • Outside broadcasts
  • PA rigging
  • Twitter live conferencing
  • Live Audio and Video streaming
  • Media briefing advice
  • Marketing campaigns


The above ideals are in place to ensure we deliver results above and beyond our clients expectations.