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Imaging and Script writing

audiowav  Audio audiowav1 266x266We can provide you with the solutions for all of your audio needs.
You could be a radio station seeking production on your new sweepers or require assistance turning a script into a broadcast advert.
Whatever your need, we have the answer.

Voiceover Bank

voiceover  Audio voiceover 288x266Phoenix Multimedia Production is able to tap into a wealth of voiceover talent. We will create the perfect sound for your campaign.
Whether it’s a famous voice you require for a specific purpose, or a cost-effective alternative to comply with your budget.
Check out our Voiceover Bank to find the sound you require.

isdn  Audio isdnCommentary

Additionally, we can deliver a solution in cases of an emergency.
Perhaps you need cover for a freelance news shift, or require a football commentator for the latest big game.
Whatever your requirements, we can provide you with the solution from our extensive freelance talent pool.
We can provide you whatever you need in audio from a radio jingle production to a podcast/specialised programme. Check out these examples of our work.

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